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Revoobit is FDA registered not FDA certified. The products are food supplements and are not evaluated by FDA. The products are not meant to replace your medications. Statements made anywhere on this website has not been evaluated by FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseaseWe make no claims for any change to your health or financial situations. Testimonies on this websites is based solely on the experiences of individuals that shares them and are insufficient to substantiate a claim. Consumers should not expect to experience the attested results.

We have put together commonly asked questions to give you more information about Miiracare line of products.

If you have a question not listed on this page, please use the contact us. is the website by the official stockist of Revoobit Sdn Bhd products that is based in USA. is foremost tasked with the task of making product available for customers and distributors registered with the HQ. We expand the market through networking and other digital means in promoting Revoobit’s products. Through building an active network of distributors who actively promoting Revoobit’s products. Members are able to maximize all 9 incentives that Revoobit’s compensation plan offers. You can enjoy ALL BENEFITS once you become a subscribed member or distributor.

NO. Subscribed members gets to benefit purchasing at a discount. Such members are not entitled to any compensations. 

Entrepreneurs will continue to earn bonuses and commissions if their customers are still making purchases. Even without any new subscriptions, commissions continue for as long as the buying and selling of Revoobit’s products are ongoing.

YES. With countless testimonies from around the world from our consumers of Revoobit’s range of food supplements, our products are fairly priced against the wealth of benefits that they bring to consumers.

YES. Revoobit’s range of food supplements are made of fruits and herbs and functions as super foods. 

There are 3. Miira-cell +, Miiracurve and Miira Tiara.

They are in powder form. Miira-cell+ have the nice fruity taste of Soursop fruit. Miiracurve have sweet chocolate taste , Miira Tiara has peach taste. Miira-cell+ and Miiracurve are used sublingually, emptied under the tongue. Miira Tiara is mixed with water

Miira-cell+ and Miiracurve are emptied under the tongue To be used first thing in the morning before eating or drinking. Empty the whole sachet of powder under your tongue, allow to dissolve by itself an be absorbed by your sublingual gland.

No. Never. Don’t use these products if pregnant.

Be patient, everyone experience at different rate.

There’s only one way to found out. Try it.

The components are listed under each, Observe to ensure you are not allergic to any before using this product.

Don’t use for kids without the primary physicians consent. Don’t use for infants at all.

Not necessarily, Products can be used for overall health or to build the immune system.

There are 24 sachets in a box. Expected use is 2 sachets in a day. 

NO. The products are food supplements and are not to be used without the consent of your personal physician. They are not medicine and should not replace your medicines.

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